Service Agreement

Service Period:

The Service Period will be the date and times listed on this contract. Any change on the date will be a $20 fee. 29PM Photo Booth agrees to have the Photo Booth set up at least 10 minutes before the time agreed upon. (Should you require the booth to be set up earlier or you’d like the booth to have downtime, a $50/hour downtime fee will be charged.) The Photo Booth will be operational for a minimum of 95% of the time set; occasionally operations may be interrupted for maintenance of the photo booth. In order to protect expensive equipment, 29PM Photo Booth reserves the right to refuse admission to guests who are unruly and/or have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. Beverages will not be permitted in or around the Photo Booth. Should the photo booth be damaged in any way due to unruly guests or negligence on the part of the client or client’s guest, 29PM Photo Booth reserves the right to terminate the service period without refund.


The minimum rental is 2 hour for the Photo Booth, within 30 miles of Upland, California. Every mile outside of Upland, California is an extra $2/mile fee. A deposit of $50 is due at the signing of this contact to reserve your date. The remaining amount is due the day of the event. Client will pay a $20 fee for any returned checks. Note that the deposit is non-refundable.


Client agrees to, and understands the following: All guests using the photo booth hereby give 29PM Photo Booth the right and permission to copyright and use photographic portraits or pictures of any photo booth user who may be included intact or in part, made through any and all media now or hereafter known for illustrations, art, promotion, advertising, trade or any other purpose. In addition, client hereby releases, discharges and agrees to save harmless 29Pm Photo Booth and the Photo Booth, from any liability that may occur or be produced in the taking of said picture or in any subsequent processing thereof, as well as any publication thereof, including, without limitation, any claims for libel invasion or privacy. All schools K-12 are excluded to this section of the contract.

29PM Photo Booth

Hedge Wall Rental Agreement

Terms & Conditions:

Hedge Wall rental is for a full day. Rental will be delivered at on . Any change on the date will be a $20 fee. 29PM Photo Booth agrees to deliver Hedge Wall promptly and coordinate with at the most convenient time for both parties. is responsible that the hedge wall stays safe from damage. Hedge Wall must be placed on a flat surface. must submit a valid government-issued identification card. The Hedge Wall must be handled and moved by experienced personnel only. Moving and handling Hedge Wall increases the risk of rental getting damaged.


Cost & Payment:

$100 rental price within 10 miles Upland, California. The rental price is a per-day basis. Every mile outside of Upland, California is an extra $2/mile fee unless otherwise told. Your Hedge Wall will be delivered to . A $50 deposit hold will not be refunded if cancels prior to the event. The remaining total rental fee must be paid with cash or check. will pay a $20 fee for any returned checks.



is responsible for any damage to or loss of the Hedge Wall from the time it is delivered until it is picked up. Our hedge wall must have no alterations of any kind such as tacking, stapling, sewing or painting. If the hedge wall is damaged, the client will be billed for repair or replacement costs. 



This rental agreement is for the duration that the hedge wall is away from 29PM Photo Booth. Since our other customers will need the hedge wall for their event/s, prompt return of the hedge wall is extremely important. Accordingly, items picked up late due to 's fault will be invoiced $70.00 for each day late.

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Signed On: July 19, 2020

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